Beet Kvass recipe

I rely on Beet kvass most every day, I can feel the difference in just a few days if I am traveling and run out and can’t get my hands on fresh beets. Such a simple yet powerful elixir to make at home.

So here’s the recipe!

Rough chop un-peeled (hopefully organic) beets,

fill beets 1/3 full in glass jar,

add 1TB (non iodized) pure salt per quart

fill jar with filtered water

Give a good stir and cover with kitchen towel and rubberband, give it about 5-6 days on the counter in a 70 degree house, it will start to make beautiful purple bubbles and foam, give it a taste and if its good and sour to your liking, strain and keep in the fridge, it will not go bad once chilled. Use your imagination for secondary flavors, some additions that I enjoy are rosemary, ginger, onion, carrot, orange, apple. you can reuse the first batch of beets a second time for a lighter brew. Viola!