Herbal tinctures

Wild plant extractions picked April -October 2022 Washington state coast – North Cascades PNW

*YARROW- reduces inflammation in digestive tract, apply topically to stop bleeding and speed wound healing, calms respiratory symptoms, hormone balancing, promotes scar healing, treats fevers and common colds, reduces overall inflammation, promotes quality sleep, supports urinary tract function, aids in painful heavy menstruation. $16

*MILK THISTLE -Supports liver health,bone health, reduces cholesterol, reduces insulin resistance, improves cognition, allergic asthma symptoms, boosts immune functions. $16

*PEARLY EVERLASTING- antibacterial, antihistamine anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antiviral, sedative, clears airways, helps relieve mucus associated with colds, infections and fevers, promotes a calm and relaxed state during times of inflammation, Use topically as astringent for wounds, boils and blisters. $16

*HAWTHORN BERRY- Supports cardiovascular system, irregular heartbeat, regulates blood pressure, artery function, cholesterol levels, supports mind and body during times of grief and tension. $16

*GUMWEED FLOWER (Grindelia) – Treats bronchial spasms, whooping cough, asthma, topically use for poison ivy, burns, dermatitis, eczema, and skin irruptions. $16

*STINGING NETTLE- Support urinary tract health in women and men, aids with arthritis pain, breast and prostate cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, protect body from cell damage and aging. $16

*USNEA (old man’s beard) – Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, aids our bodies immune system functions during all infections, respiratory, staph, sinus, strep, urinary tract, fungal infections. topical use for skin infections and wound healing. $16

*GOLDENROD- Supports kidney and bladder functions, supports viral infections, aids in seasonal allergies. $16

*CORNSILK- Soothing effect on urinary tract system, helping to restore tissue tone and bladder irritation, aids in lowering blood pressure alongside hypertension, supports edema, gallstones, gonorrhea, gout, jaundice, kidney stones, prostatitis, rheumatism, and urethritis. $16

*ST JOHN’S WORT (Hypericin perforatum) – Proven to treat mild to moderate depression, Seasonal affective disorder, OCD, PMS, lowers the cortisol stress hormone in the body. Helps relieve mild anxiety and sleep problems. Can replace SSRIs that make a person feel flat, Eases aches and pains.

*MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM- Aids in decongestion, headache due to sinusitis, helps relieves anxiety, stress and nausea. $16

*ASTER DAISY- Antispasmodic, calming, decongestant, expectorant, relaxant, cumulative and lasting effects on asthma – reducing episodes. Helpful in lowering fever accompanied by sore throat. $16

*RED CLOVER- Supports lymphatic and endocrine functions, menstrual irregularity, menopause, respiratory tonic, calms the mind from overwhelm, stress and overwork. $16

*MULLEIN LEAF- Supports lung health, promotes calm state of mind, supports immune system during bacterial and viral infections. $16

*HYSSOP FLOWER- helps move stagnant mucus, relieves coughing and anxiety during chronic sinus infections. $16

*ROSEHIP- Soothes digestive tract, antiviral, antibacterial, aids in relieving colds and flu supporting immune system, fights free radicals that cause oxidation and aging, $16

*CALIFORNIA POPPY -Supports body during times of distress, migraines, nerve and skeletal pain, promotes positive, calming uplifted mood, aids in nervous system functions.

*UVA URSI (bearberry)- Supports bladder, urinary tract infections, cystitis, rich in tannins for uterine health, fungal infections, anti tumor, anti -viral, anti inflammatory, aids diarrhea, dysentery, reduces uric acid in kidney stones, inhibits bacterial strains of E coli, proteus- vularis, staph, topically aids in wound healing promoting healthy new cell growth. $16

*DANDELION- Supports digestion, water retention in kidneys, aids in liver detoxification, helps regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, protects gallbladder, boosts immune system, helps prevent UVB damage to skin, calms inflammation. $16

*MOTHERWORT- Aids painful menstrual cycles, calms and relaxes mind, supports heart, nervous system functions. SOLD OUT

*CLEAVERS- Aids in draining lymphatic system, swollen underarm nodes, supports urinary tract system, aids kidney stones, breast tenderness, pms, IBS, interstitial cystitis (painful bladder) edema, ulcers in mouth and throat.

*LEMON BALM- Promotes relaxed calm state of mind during times of stress and turmoil, supports immune functions during cold, flu, shingles, HPV, herpes outbreaks, eases aches and pains, upset tummy, promotes restful sleep.

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