Junebug Ferments is a tiny plant alchemy business making small batch naturally wild fermented, live Krauts, Beet Kvass, Fine brines, and wildcrafted herbal tinctures, located in the fertile Skagit Valley Washington where the sea meets the mountains.

Using the ancient practice of wild fermentation, using no heat, vinegar or pasteurization, this transformation is called Laco-fermentation, turning vegetables into a uniquely delicious and more nutritious product with massive gut healing benefits.

Simply organic local plants, time, patience and love.
Vegetables are sourced from certified organic Skagit valley family farmers. All wild herbs are foraged and picked by me, responsibly with respect to mother nature, never overpicking wild plants and berries.

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Our Products

Raw Krauts, Beet Kvass, Fine Brines and Tinctures all made from organic vegetables wild plants and love!

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Our Food Mission

Vegetables are sourced from a few certified organic Skagit valley farmers. All plant matter and wild flowers are foraged by me from the North Cascade mountains to the Salish sea. Only fresh plant matter never dried.

Our Story

Junebug ferments is a small plant alchemy business. Discover the Delicious benefits of Natural Gut Healing Foods and safe plant medicine.

About Us

Reinventing the Medicine Cabinet

Common plants are our teachers as are our weeds and wild flowers. They show us the joyful abundance and generosity of nature. They freely share their gifts of food and medicine.

Our Plant Extracts, herbal tinctures

“Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”


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