RAW KRAUT – Very versatile as a condiment on most any savory dish adding a powerful punch of probiotic and tang!
Fun ideas for Kraut- Enjoy on sandwiches and grilled cheese, as a topper for salads, baked potatoes, frittata, soup, Borsht, rice bowls, add to burritos, quesadillas, tuna/chicken/salmon salad, cream cheese and bagels, charcuterie platters. Always add after cooking to keep live probiotics alive.

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BEET KVASS – An ancient and powerful probiotic digestive tonic, used as a blood cleanser, liver detoxer, helps reduce sugar cravings, speeds recovery from hangovers. Consume 1 to 2 oz per day before meals. Also good in salad dressing, Borscht soup and cocktails.

FINE BRINES – All the living enzymes, probiotics and nutrients as kraut in liquid form, Billions of probiotic cultures in every bottle. Great for after workout gut shot, Delicious as a cocktail mixer, adds a nice zip to salad dressings and raw sauces.


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